Integrated Beef Scheme

About the Integrated Beef Scheme

At Oxbury, our 100% dedication to British agriculture means that we offer British farmers the specialised lending needed to support their farm business. Oxbury has been built by farmers, agricultural businesses, and bankers, with the purpose of supporting the sustainable future of British agriculture.  

We offer seasonal repayments tailored to the individual farm business, products that perfectly match an industry need and long-term loans that react to the needs of UK agriculture.  

This bespoke scheme funds 100% of the initial upfront costs of the calves and while they are on farm there are no repayment requirements. Our unique Oxbury dashboard makes batch identification simple, with unique identification tags logged on the system.  

Once the calves have reached specification and leave the farm, their original invoice price and the interest accumulated during their time on farm is repaid by the abattoir who also pay the agreed management fee directly to you.  

 To apply, please complete the form and an Oxbury relationship manager will be in contact with you to progress your application.  

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about applying for the Integrated Beef Scheme complete this form and we’ll call you back within one working day.