Oxbury's Charity of the Year

Oxbury partners with the Country Trust as its “Charity of the Year”

Who is the Country Trust?

The Country Trust is a dynamic national education charity dedicated to bringing alive the working countryside for children least able to access it. Since 1978 The Country Trust has been making it possible for hundreds of volunteer farmers and landowners to welcome thousands of disadvantaged young children from all backgrounds and faiths onto their farms to share their passion for food, farming and the countryside.

Jill Attenborough, CEO of Country Trust said, “We are so proud to have been chosen as your first Charity of the Year and we are absolutely sure it’s going to be a powerful partnership. We both have farms and farmers at the heart of everything we do, and we share an inspirational founding father – your founder Tim Coates is the grandson of our founder Lance Coates. We are fiercely ambitious for the children we serve and completely delighted that you will be supporting us - financially, as farmer hosts, and as champions to your networks - as we connect thousands of disadvantaged children with the land that sustains us all through hands on, farm-centred, transformational opportunities and experiences.”

Tim Coates, Co-founder of Oxbury and third-generation family farmer said, “At Oxbury, farming and food production is at our core, and we believe every child deserves the chance to understand their source of their food and the joy of farming. We are working with the Country Trust because they are offering disadvantaged children who do not normally ever get the chance to embrace and enjoy the great British countryside.

“The Country Trust are also playing a crucial role in educating the next generation as to the importance of sustainable British food production at a time of great focus on this challenge in the context of climate change and the need for biodiversity preservation.”