About Oxbury

The only UK bank dedicated to British agriculture

We provide farmers with the specialised lending they need to run their farms.

Why we are different

Oxbury is the UK’s only specialist agricultural bank and the only bank that has a singular focus on the rural economy. We provide farmers with the specialised lending that they need to run their farms and provide savings accounts to any individual or business that wants to back British farmers and UK agriculture.

We have a deep understanding of the agricultural sector and the challenges that farmers face because we talk to farmers about their business every day.

We use our industry knowledge and purpose built technology platform, to make quick and appropriate decisions on credit facilities, so that our customers can spend less time dealing with administration.

Our lending and savings accounts are accessible 24 hours a day via our secure platform and mobile app. Our dedicated relationship managers provide a wealth of agricultural experience and banking advice to support the needs of our customers.

Since launching as a fully regulated bank in February 2021 Oxbury has grown and is now the bank of choice for farmers. Of the hundreds of lending deals on the books, many leads have come from recommendations from other farmers and people in the industry, something we are very proud of. Already, Oxbury has paid out hundreds of millions of pounds in supporting farmers with long term loans and cashflow related products. Helping farmers invest in growing their business through modernisation and expansion.

At Oxbury we are extremely positive about the future of agriculture and the huge opportunities available for the food and farming sector. Oxbury is actively seeking to help farmers take advantage of these opportunities by funding improvements in efficiency and productivity, reducing carbon footprints, producing energy, growing high quality crops and livestock for home production and export, diversification and much more.